About Roadkills Junkyard Gold

Roadkill has enlisted the help of classic car authority, Steve Magnante, to find even better cars for their show. So, while Steve pieces together the history, life, and death of automotive relics and rarities among junkyards across the nation, he is also looking for the perfect project cars for the guys at Roadkill. Dissect the bones of old machines, learn their history, check out restoration mock-ups, and see which cars might end up with a second life on an episode of Roadkill’s Junkyard Gold. It doesn’t have to shine to be gold!

Junkyard Gold Trailer30
'67 Coronet R/T, Formula Firebird, '49 Woody & 60’s Vans at Bernardston Auto W...18:06
’73 Petty Blue Road Runner, ’67 Ford Fairlane GT, ’57 Jeep FC, and More in Ru...21:45
’70 Chrysler 300 Hurst, ’68 Pontiac GTO, Four-Speed Mercury Cougar, and More i...23:57
’62 Dodge Lancer GT, ’61 DeSoto, ’54 Dodge Royal Pace Car, and More Mopars in ...25:56
’59 Ford Skyliner, ’63 Chevy Corvair Van-Cake, ’79 Pontiac Trans Am 10th Anniv...23:24
Super-Rare Dual-Quad ’64 Buick Wildcat, ’77 Chevy Monza Mirage, ’78 Plymouth F...26:12
Bizarre ’63 Aluminum-Block Rambler, Sputnik-Inspired ’60 Lincoln Continental M...22:00
’61 Chevy Impala, ’67 Olds 4-4-2 Dirt Track Racer, Tree-Hugging Old Car City, ...27:14
Roadkill's Junkyard Gold Trailer30
Rust-Free in AZ: Hunting for Roadkill’s Next Project!22:44
Delectable Derelicts: Exploring Rarities at Turner’s Auto Wrecking23:54
Desert Treasure: Roadkill’s Next Junkyard Rescue Found!25:16
Forest Finds: in the Weeds in NASCAR Country!23:41
Detroit Fights Back: Gas-Crunch Beaters!23:08
Uncovered and Undercover: Roadkill’s Next Rescue!23:35
Junkyard Mecca: Over 70 Acres of Possibilities!24:06
Many Faces of Muscle: Rarities From a GM Specialized Yard!24:56
Workhorses vs. Horsepower: More Finds at L&L Classic Auto!24:37
Lots of Dust but Little Rust: Great Finds in Casa Grande, AZ!21:55
Super Bee vs Road Runner: Which Came First?26:40
AMC’s Cars for the Human Race vs. Horsepower Race25:56