About Roadkill

Hold onto your lugnuts! Ride along with HOT ROD's David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan on ROADKILL, as the dynamic duo go in search of their next gearhead adventure in all types of gassers, 'barely-legal' street machines and highly strung performance vehicles.

Roadkill Nation Special! 8 Fans vs. Roadkill Hosts in Dodge Hellcats and Viper...54:09
BONUS: Roadkill Q&A Plus Project Update with Freiburger and Finnegan!13:48
Roadkill's Small Block Blaze1:01:06
Rebuilding Blasphemi4:52
El Paso To LA: The Hard Way!20:36
Viva Ranchero! Alaska or Bust!20:47
Cheap Truck Challenge!22:44
Extreme Elco Engine Swap!21:48
Rat Rod vs Lamborghini Aventador!23:40
Thrash Battle! Van vs Wagon23:46
Release The Draguar! Building a Blown Jaguar Rat Rod22:42
426 Hemi in a '55 Chevy!24:37
Surviving HOT ROD Drag Week!27:35
727 Cubic Inches and Australian Tire Smoke!27:27
Junkyard 'Cuda Rescue, With Nitrous Oxide!32:20
Chevy vs. Ford Cop-Car Thrash Battle!26:12
The Ranchero Returns! Alaska or Bust: The Sequel25:21
The Ranchero Returns Part 2! Alaska or Bust, the Sequel26:26
Rat Rod Jeep Death-Wish Trip!23:30
Leaf-Blower Supercharging a 1978 Chevrolet Monza Spyder!23:24
Tank Smashes Prius! Toyota Prius Battles AMC Gremlin & Suffers Crushing Defeat26:53
Nitrous Muscle Truck and Mini Bikes!23:36
'67 Crusher Camaro vs '70 Super Bee 1,500-Mile Burnout-Fest!23:09
Chasing a Landspeed Record at Bonneville with a 1100hp Camaro!29:47
Rat Rod Custom 1950 Mercury Rescue!24:40
24 Hours of Lemons in a 1973 Plymouth Fury!18:41
Dirt Cheap Rat Rod! 1968 Charger Buildup and Thrash40:02
700 Horsepower & 2,400 Miles! Crusher Camaro Engine Swap Aftermath38:41
Project Car Shootout! Watch Every Roadkill Car Ever Battle it Out44:02
Junkyard Turbo Swap! Chevy-Powered 1971 Datsun 240Z Autocross Thrash22:01
Corvette Sinkhole Adventure in a 1975 Stingray!22:01
Muscle Truck vs. Baja Bug! 1974 Chevy C10 Battles Fred's Volkswagen Baja Bug22:10
Hemi Buildup on a '55 Chevy Bel Air!22:09
Cross Country in a Gasser 1955 Chevy with a Hemi!27:27
Junkyard Rescue! Saving a 1950 GMC Truck24:14
2015 Subaru Legacy Challenges the Roadkill Project Cars!46:56
U.S. Nationals to Drag Week: Adventure in a '67 Ford Wagon!22:34
3 Years of Crazy! Outtakes, Bloopers, and Stuff You Missed25:13
1985 C4 Corvette-Kart vs. 2014 Lingenfelter C7!29:38
Boatkill! The Muscle Truck-to-Boat Extreme LS Engine Swap!32:55
Winter Wagon Adventure: 1,000 Miles with a Few Missing Windows in a 1969 Buick36:18
Dodge Hellcat-Viper-Hellcat Thrash Battle!39:08
Off-Roading a Lowrider Monte Carlo!30:00
Farm-Find Rescue! Plymouth Duster Big-Block Swap23:41
Draguar vs Randy Pobst!34:59
Rotsun Races 24 Hours of LeMons!52:27
General Mayhem: 707HP Hellcat Engine in a 1968 Charger!26:03
Stubby Bob Fails, El Camino Wins, and Blasphemi Flops42:15
Rear-Engine Mini-Truck Madness31:26
Street Legal Stock Car Body Swap26:03
Thrashing Roadkill Project Cars33:43
Wrecker Adventure! Harry Tow Meets Pigpen26:53
Mullet-Car Thrash Battle!22:35
Roadkill 50th Episode Special! 10-Car Showdown37:35
Will It Go 10s? Mazdarati Is Back!27:08
Wheelstanding Dump Truck! Stubby Bob’s Comeback31:27
Junkyard 1956 Buick Hack!27:10
Dirt-Track Challenger Rescue and Thrash!33:13
Cummins Diesel in a Cadillac!30:03
Swap-Meet Speed for Roadkill Nights!37:00
The Boost Caboose!30:35
The Mini-Truck and Road Runner Episode!26:30
Freiburger vs. Finnegan $1,500-Car Shootout!32:37
Roadkill vs. Mighty Car Mods!40:08
The Lost Episode! Roadkill on Power Tour22:36
Willys Rescue, Road Trip, Thrash!37:51
1,800-Mile Beater Rally!34:47
Junkyard Turbo 5.0 Power for the Rotsun!38:54
Blown Impala vs. Turbo Rotsun!34:41
Junkyard-Rescue 1969 Mustang Mach 1!36:44
Building Finnegan's Dream-Car Firebird29:39
Racing One Lap of America! Kinda.28:21
Rescuing an Old Drag Race Car39:29
Hemi Gasser vs. Hemi Super Bee!35:02
Roadkill's Best Dirt Car Yet!32:01
Stubby Bob Lives! Huge Wheelstands!35:45
1,300 Miles in the Disgustang Junkyard Mach 1!33:58
Project-Car Showdown at DirtFish!37:54
The Original Vette Kart Returns!36:58
The Ugly Truckling Dragster!44:04
Ice Drag Racing Redemption!41:38
Junkyard Big-Block Samurai!38:35
Hit the Road, Worry Later!30:22
Bonus Roadkill Episode! Muscle Truck Showdown35:41
Vintage Circle-Track Charger Rescue!31:57
From the Junkyard to Pikes Peak!33:59
Automotive Cliff Diving!30:14
Roadkill Nights to the NHRA Nationals!41:41
1,700 Miles in the Vanishing Paint Challenger!39:21
Roadkill Shootout Special: Battle of the Network Stars!36:57
The World’s Only "C-Body" Road Runner!34:32
Mazdarati’s Final Run—So Hot It’s Stolen!36:12
Two Cadillacs, Too Reliable!32:57
Twice the Power, Half the Trucks, + Leah Pritchett!31:46
Rear-Engine Replacement: The Econorado Is Born!46:33
440 Big-Block Samurai: From the Junkyard to the Road!33:35
The Ultimate Beater Burnout Machine!44:11
Junkyard-Rescue Four-Speed Big-Block ’64 Galaxie!42:51
Cheap Beater Battle: Chevy vs. Ford, Old vs. Newish!40:46
Parking Lot Engine Swap: More Power for the Draguar!42:01
Trading Cars Across Power Tour: the Ultimate Road Trip!41:30
Junkyard Rescue T-37 Pontiac!43:11
Road Trip Survival: The LUV Is All You Need!41:52
Episode 100: Back to Throwing Darts!42:00
Project Car Showdown & Roadkill Nights Powered by Dodge!43:32
Blasphemi takes on HOT ROD Drag Week!1:00:29
Rotsun Lives Again!46:25
Diesel Swapped Drag Racing Torino Wagon!46:26