ShowsEpisode 1000:43:35Santa's New Sleigh

About Garage Squad

Garage Squad surprises do-it-yourself mechanics with expert help to finally get those “project cars” out of the garage and on the road.

Flood of Fords43:35
Mopar Monster22:03
Disheveled Datsun22:03
Shell of a Chevelle22:03
Red Menace22:03
Trans-Am Tragedy22:04
Camaro in Crisis22:03
Triumphant Return22:03
Mystery 44243:35
52 Card Pickup22:03
A Camaro Fit For a Wedding22:03
Going Commando22:03
1963 Impala22:03
Galaxie Grief22:03
VW Bug22:03
The Challenger22:03
Corvette Calamity22:03
One Tough Chevy22:03
Monte Carlo22:03
Hot Rod Ford22:03
87 Buick Grand National22:03
68 El Camino22:03
69 Charger22:03
63 Porsche22:03
69 Super Bee22:03
56 Ford Truck22:03
93 Typhoon22:03
64 GTO22:03
63 Lincoln Convertible22:03
65 Impala22:03
66 Nova22:03
56 Chevy Gasser22:03
63 Corvette22:03
A Tri-Five Comes Alive43:35
Camaro Comeback43:35
Freeing a Ford F343:35
Busted Duster43:35
Foul Fairlane43:35
GT OH-No43:35
Chevy Four-by-Fix43:35
Double Trouble43:35
Malibu Mayhem43:35
Funny Business43:35
The Faster Pastor43:36
Brothers in Mopar43:35
A Farm Girl's Beloved Truck43:35
Little Red Corvette43:35
Ragtop 'Cuda in a Barn43:35
Grandma Loves her Nova43:35
A Studebaker for a Studebaker43:36
A Charger Tribute43:36
Gasser Plus-One43:35
Dually Concerned43:35
Blazing New Trails43:35
King Cobra43:35
Li'l Red Distress43:36
Rising to the Challenge43:35
A C10 For Jake43:35
The Mercury Is Falling43:35
Hell of a Chevelle43:35
License To Cruise43:35
Cutlass Comeback43:35
Santa's New Sleigh43:35