About Put Up Or Shut Up

Strap in and hold on, as PUT UP OR SHUT UP pits the fastest cars and wildest drivers against each other in a tense battle for ultimate bragging rights! From high-octane drag racing to white-knuckle hill climbs, engines and egos go head to head to win it all. NHRA and Hot Rod Drag Week announcer Brian Lohnes hosts.

3,000hp Pro Mod Showdown!13:34
Vintage Gasser Drag Race Showdown!17:00
X275 1/8-Mile Drag Race War18:07
HOT ROD Big-Rig Quarter-Mile Drag Race!20:46
Nostalgia Nitro Duel in the Desert16:47
Half-Mile Dirt Oval Shootout22:29
1966 Mustang vs. 2017 Porsche Head-to-Head Road Race Battle!24:15
Tractor Pull Drag Race Battle18:47
Top Fuel Dirt Motorcycle Shootout18:59
The Ultimate Big Tire vs. Small Tire Drag Race!19:09
Go-Karting Shootout!26:29
West Coast Grudge Racing Showdown 23:14