ExtrasEpisode 1400:02:09Season 6 Sneak Peek

About Bitchin Rides Extra

Bitchin' Rides Extra takes you inside Dave's sprawling 27,000-square-foot Salt Lake City business to experience how he and 26 specialists construct cars that make the car lover in all of us swoon.

Season 5 Sneak Peek2:57
Kris Big Green Toolbox2:51
How to Polish a Car By Big Sexxxy2:03
Shadow Rod Shakedown2:08
Mail Time6:18
Van Man3:04
Bryce's Body Shop2:49
Corvette Color Choice2:40
Bitchin Q&A Part 27:34
The Windshield Debacle4:03
Headliner 1013:03
SEMA Prep3:00
Solo Cutout4:35
Season 6 Sneak Peek2:09