Nitro Rallycross

Nitro Rallycross

About Nitro Rallycross

The world’s best drivers go head-to-head on their race to the podium! 9 renowned drivers, all with their own unique style, will do whatever it takes to make it to the finals!

Nitro Rallycross Live - Trailer15
Ken Block - FORD/Hoonigan Racing2:04
Tanner Foust - VW/Andretti Rallycross3:05
Travis Pastrana - Subaru Rally Team USA2:49
Steve Arpin - FORD/Hoonigan Racing/Loenbro Motorsports2:37
Patrik Sandell - Subaru Rally Team USA2:45
Scott Speed - VW/Andretti Rallycross3:21
Nitro Rallycross Track Preview1:02
REPLAY: Nitro Rallycross Qualifying2:00:02
REPLAY: Nitro Rallycross Final2:12:00