ShowsEpisode 1400:43:34Finally!

About Bitchin Rides

Dave Kindig, owner and operator of Kindig-It Design in Salt Lake City, Utah, turns out one-of-a-kind vehicles for his demanding (and sometimes famous) clientele. Go inside Dave's sprawling 27,000-square-foot Salt Lake City business to experience how he and 26 specialists construct cars that make the car lover in all of us swoon.

Grandma's Ride Gets Revived43:34
There's an Ass for Every Seat43:34
More than One Way to Skin a Cat (and a Bird)43:35
Mile High Rod Run43:34
Why Haul Hay When You Can Haul Ass?43:34
The Juice is Worth the Squeeze43:34
Lights, Cameras, Auto-Rama43:34
The Phantom Fleetside43:34
A Future What???43:34
The Future Never Looked So Good43:34
Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes43:34
Blue Suede Shoes43:34
Clean Up On Aisle '3243:35
Just Cuz You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should43:34
Orange is the New Orange43:34
From Malibu to the Mailboost43:36
This is Gonna Be a Challenge43:34
Double Trouble43:35
Why Wouldn't Ya?43:34
Copper, Copper, Copper43:34
The Copper Caddy43:34
That's Not an Engine...That's a Kevdogg43:35
If Your Car Ain't Turning You On, Get Another One43:34
The Bitchin' Gasser43:34
We Can Work This Out43:34
It's a Super Car Farm Truck...Duh?43:36
The F Five OHHHHHHH43:35
It's Like 1929 In Here43:34
Back to Basics43:34
De-Pimp My Ride, Please!43:34
Anyone Know Where I Can Find a Bitchin' Ride?43:35
Nomad? No Way!43:35
New Season, New Headache43:34
Mint Condition43:35
On the Road Again43:34
It sounds Bitchin'. Let's make it look Bitchin'.43:34
The Supernova43:35
The One Where Nick Gets Arrested43:34
That's One Bitchin' Grocery Getter43:34
I Blew Your Inheritance on a Bitchin' Ride.43:34
A Lincoln Legend43:35
Land of 10,000 Bitchin' Rides43:34
If it was easy, anyone could do it.43:34
A Family Affair43:34
It's Getting Hot in Here43:34
The Future is Now43:34
The Secret Client43:36
We Build Bitchin Rides43:34
24 Karat Magic43:35
The Bitchin Little Sister43:35
A Caldera-What?43:35
Fiberglass, Fiberglass and More Fiberglass43:34
Green for the Money43:37
The Snowball Episode43:34
The Hummer of the Future43:34
Dave Kindig, Guest Judge43:34
Where's the Gold, Paulie?43:34
Veruca Violet43:38
Little Red Corvette43:34
The Last Mopar43:34
The Bitchin Coronet43:35
Finish What You Start43:34
Getting Jiggy With It43:34
The Last Frontier Cuda43:35
Car Show to The Stars43:34
Cut, Replace, Repeat43:34
The Do-It-Yourself NOVA43:34
It's 1200 Miles to Columbus43:35
Dave's New Toy43:34
Lean, Mean, Green Machine43:34
Back Again43:34
Updating a Classic43:34
Stop & Go43:34