About Dirt Every Day Extra

Dirt Every Day Extra, where you’ll see behind the scenes clips, tech tips, outtakes, question-and-answer sessions, deep looks into Dirt Every Day project cars, and lots more.

What is Dirt Every Day Extra?1:23
Truck Tour: Fred’s Tubesock Jeep TJ13:35
Truck Tour: Rob’s Trophy Tracker8:59
Tech Tip: How and Why to Air Down Tires3:38
Off Road Skid Plates!6:14
Tech Tip: Off Roading and Surfing Hand Signals2:44
Tech Tip: Ways to Air Up Tires4:51
Tech Tip: Converting a Sprinter Van to 4Wheel Drive10:02
Tech Tip: How to Plug a Tire8:44
Tech Tip: Recovery Gear6:40
Tech Tip: Plasma Cutters7:15
Truck Tour: Dave’s 80-series Land Cruiser8:23
Truck Tour: Sprinter Van Vs Ford Van9:51
1946 Willys CJ2A Garden Jeep Tour8:57
1961 Willys Wagon with LS Swap Tour5:02
1972 Jeep Wagoneer Tour8:21
1973 Jeep CJ5 Lemon Pie Tour8:02
1973 RoadRunner Mad Maxxis Special Tour7:01
1990 Dodge Ultimate Tug Truck Tour7:16
2003 Chevrolet Avalanche Ultimate Adventure Rig Tour6:02
2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Truck Tour4:07
Alabama Now Alaska Army Truck Tour9:58
Box of Daystar Products Review the Good and the Dorky4:42
Different Kinds of Coolers for Your Four By Four5:31
Double Ended Jeep JK Tour4:51
Ford F354 Monster Truck Tour4:55
Freds Camera Guys Jeep JK Tour4:46
Fred’s Carson Trailer Walk Around4:25
Fred’s Ram Tow Rig Tour7:22
Grampy the Project Jeep7:55
Hooking Up Recovery Straps to the Rear of Your Rig4:46
How to Build a Good Small Welding Table5:31
How to Make an Easy Trail Sandwich2:27
How to Take Big Tires Off and On Your Rig6:44
How to Use a Pull Pal Winch Recovery13:00
Keeping Yourself and Your Junk Clean2:42
Making Coffee on the Trail10:07
Off Road Radios and Intercom Systems3:37
Pros and Cons of Roof Top Tents4:41
Ring and Pinion Gears and What They Do4:37
The Difference Between Leaf Springs and a Linked Suspension5:47
The Difference Between Unit Bearings and Hubs and Spindles5:21
The Future of OEM Off Road Vehicles and Technology11:21
The Trick to Finding an Air Leak in a Rim or Tire2:34
Trail Dogs and Tricks2:55
Ultimate Summer Camp Jeep Tour8:08
Using Speedy Dry or Kitty Litter to Clean Up Your Mess2:19
Welding Gear and Safety Equipment4:46
The Different Kinds of Lockers8:21
What is a U Joint3:58
What is in Fred’s Tool Bag8:27
What Should Be in a Bug Out Bag3:52
Zip Ties and How to Make Them Slightly Less Dangerous2:27
Avalanche Race Truck Tour6:46
Camera Crew Truck Tour – 2010 Toyota 4 Runner4:19
Winches, Thimbles, Shackles and Recovery Gear4:39
Tubing Bender Rolling Cart3:24
How to Reclaim a Sitting Project Vehicle5:45
David Hamilton’s Jeep JK Tour11:47
Dave’s Landcruiser3:11
Trail Rated Camping Trailer4:50
Dave’s Rock Crawler4:05
Wagoneer Race Truck Project3:56
Fred Explains Grinders8:21
Dave Chappelle Explains Rock Sliders3:26
High Lift Jack9:09
Locking Differentials4:12
Coffee Mugs2:47
Tube Benders2:54
Roll Cage Materials (Metals)2:15
Dave and Fred’s Kitchen2:23
Jeeping in The Rain1:00
The Ultimate Four Wheel Drive1:58
Samurai Springs57
Project K5 Blazer2:38
Full Size Jeeps3:31
Jacks for the Trail3:06
CJ6 Project2:10
Dogs and a 1997 Jeep SE2:40
Verne’s Garden Jeep2:27
The Trail Turtle1:46
S10 Blazer2:08
David’s New YJ5:50
Air Compressors7:05
Dave’s Mini Bike4:25
Fred’s in Vegas for the Mint 40055
Dave’s Tool Kit12:14
Mint 400 Time Trials3:11
Dave’s Motorhome5:53
Refurbished PreRunners2:30
Trophy Trucks3:15
Stock Mini2:56
Safety Gear for Racing7:01
Currie Enterprises at the Mint 4005:12
Rigid Industries at the Mint 4004:53
TrailReady Beadlock Wheels4:01
Interview With Alex Figge3:57
Notching a Tube With a Chop Saw8:21
Antenna Mounts3:03
Top-Shelf Stuff3:19
Viewer Questions: Part 1 By the F35411:20
Viewer Questions: Part 2 From the Seat of the Junkyard YJ11:11
Camping With Dave5:04
Jacks, Jackstands, and the BendPak Lift5:25
Junkyard Jeep Spare Tire and Hi-Lift Mount9:12
Viewer Questions: Part 3 By the Wagoneer3:10
Junkyard Jeep Walk-Around10:56
Willys Wagon Preview3:49
Headbanger Wrangler6:35
Washing Greasy Trucks8:26
Gloves, Gloves, and More Gloves5:20
Ultimate Avalanche Status Update5:10
Cutting Brakes Explained4:50
Junkyard Jeep Bikini Install4:36
Fred’s Containers1:17
Gearstar Transmission3:36
Removing a Broken Engine Bolt2:31
Willys Wagon Chassis and Drivetrain7:41
Summer Camp Jeep6:48
Quicksand Concept Jeep5:38
Vehicle Feature of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 16:21
Trail Etiquette2:55
Jeep Luminator Concept7:09
Jeep vs. Jeep10:25
Jeep CJ66 Concept5:11
Flat Fender Run3:08
Safari Concept Jeep6:06
Bruce and Dalene’s Toyota 4Runner5:06
Jeep Switchback Concept4:47
Interview With the Head of Jeep Design, Mark Allen9:58
Fox Racing Shocks8:42
Junkyard Jeepin’ Outtakes9:55
Vintage Gladiator Front Clip on a Jeep JK2:33
Cooper Rasmussen Interview10:03
Women’s Trail Ride in Moab6:42
Learning the Moab Bump on the Moab Rim Trail3:06
1990 Land Rover Perentie in Moab7:25
Off-Road Driving Tip: Conquering a V-Notch Obstacle3:45
Meet Geologist and Off-Roader John Mears3:26
Meet Scott Blum of Jeeps Exclusive Lunatic Fringe5:43
Conquering a V-Notch at Hell’s Gate1:19
Interview With Steve Sanders From Cummins5:35
What to Expect in the Future3:01
Q&A by Willys Wagon With Fred Williams8:43
1980 Jeep CJ7 Walk Around10:04
The Story Behind Tube Sock’s Custom Fiberglass Hood4:33
The Big, Red Carson Trailer6:14
Tips for Converting Your Two-Wheel Drive to Four-Wheel Drive and Going From Ga...7:07
Project Jeep Update! Trying to Find an Aluminum Chevy V-6 engine for a 1950s W...4:55
Project White Ram 3500 Walkaround: How Fred Williams Built His 2010 Dodge Truc...13:52
How to Escape an Avalanche and a Wild Badger Attack8:51
Jeep Wrangler Wheeling Prep, Getting Tube Sock Ready for Ultimate Adventure6:20
Overlanding Minibike Mayhem Outtakes!6:30
Restomod Willys Wagon on a Wrangler Walkaround8:15
Cummins Diesel-Powered Scout Feature Vehicle From Anything Scout11:27
The Best First 4x4 Upgrade, a Winch, and Fred and Dave’s First Off-Road Stucks2:58
Overlanding Minibike Mayhem Outtakes!–Part 23:46
What to Do, What to Do? A Swap!5:23
Time for 4Runner Fun, From Trash to Trophies!3:16
Fred Williams’ Q&A Session!8:54
Installing a Rollcage Bar on the Junkyard YJ Jeep7:18
Stay Cool in Your Low-Budget Builds!3:26
How to Make a Mobile Welding Table1:39
How to Rebuild Currie Tie-Rod Ends8:43
Different Types of Military Hummer (Humvee or HMMWV) Wheels and Beadlocks With...3:57
Attaching a Tube Clamp4:41
Long and Short Pitman Arm Options9:38
CJ, TJ, YJ, and More!14:47
Prepping for Ultimate Adventure Update11:04
How to Disassemble Beadlock Wheels9:11
Fred Answers Questions From the Fans14:16
Fan Mail Answered: Fred Replies to a Young Viewer’s Letter2:41
Blooper Reel! Willys Wagon Outtakes, Flubs, and Pep Talks!6:20
How To: Remove a Jeep Wrangler Body the Wrong Way!4:49
Jeep Slip-Yoke Eliminator Install1:59
Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes at Ultimate Adventure 20173:37
How-To: Mount Beadlock Wheels With Dirthead Dave10:47
How-To: Clean and Reoil an Aftermarket Reusable Air Filter6:09
Preview of the Upcoming Radical RAV4 Build4:14
How-To: Hook Up a Car Trailer and Tie a 4x4 to the Trailer9:22
More Willys Wagon Body Swap Outtakes and Bloopers7:20
Suspension Components: Coils, Coilover Shocks, and Bumpstops Explained7:04
How to Buy a Government Surplus Army Truck or Humvee4:04
Where Did the Jeep Name Come From?4:35
Camping Coffee Hack With Overland Coffee3:06
How to Install an Aftermarket Fuel Tank in a 1997 Jeep TJ Wrangler12:49
Directional Tires2:11
Viewer Questions: What to Take Along When Camping in Your Jeep or 4x411:00
Viewer Questions: How to Deal With Frame Flex in ’80s Square-Body Chevys7:24
Viewer Questions: How Did Dave Get Into Four-Wheeling?5:17
How to Diagnose a Problem With Your 4x4, and Why It’s Good to Have 4x4 Friends5:46
Jeep Wrangler TJ Upgrades for a Week of Off-Roading9:01
Fred’s First 4x4—What It Was and What He Did With It6:56
Viewer Questions: Why Haven’t You Built a Jeep XJ Cherokee?9:28
Fun Buggy Update: Why Fred’s Rock Buggy Hasn’t Been Driven in Years10:43
How to Use Soft Shackles, Hard Shackles, and Kinetic Recovery Ropes Off-Road3:38
How Toyota Land Cruiser Axles Work5:50
How Full-Hydraulic Steering Works4:52
Cutting, Welding, and Fabrication Secrets for Building Axle Brackets6:13
Project Update: The Garden Jeep CJ2A Engine Rehab6:53
Viewer Questions: Fitting 35-Inch Tires on a Nissan Titan3:48
Behind the Scenes of the Rad45:46
Viewer Questions: Grand Wagoneer vs. Land Cruiser4:13
Viewer Questions: Fred’s Pick for Onboard Air Compressor Options3:34
Project Update: Fun Buggy Fix-Up4:35
Viewer Questions: Should a Toyota With a V-8 Get an Automatic or Manual Trans?3:44
Overlanding Project Vehicle: The Best Rear Doors3:15
Trailer Tech: Fred’s New Single-Axle, Dual-Wheel Car Trailer6:34
Viewer Questions: What Was Fred's High School Dream 4x4?2:57
How to Find an Old 4x4 and Convince the Owner to Sell It6:59
Heims, Johnnys, and Bushings: Different Types of Suspension Joints7:08
Viewer Questions: What’s It Like Working With the Famous Dave Chappelle?2:05
Fred’s Dream Car: Ned’s Porsche 3569:15
Prepping for Shock Tuning With Fox: How Much Does the Summer Camp Jeep Weigh?9:25
We Test the Nissan Titan XD With Cummins Diesel5:41
Picking Your First 4x4 Project8:42
How to Plan Your 4x4 Build5:33
Places to Off-Road: Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area3:56
How to Attempt a Water Crossing Safely3:31
The First Place Fred Went Wheeling in California2:27
Attempting the Rock Pile at Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area6:49
Off-Road Driving Techniques: The Front Dig3:07
Axle Articulation Explained5:15
How to Remove a Tie-Rod End3:37
Twin-Traction Beams Explained3:06
Viewer Questions: Big-Block in a Jeep Wrangler3:52
Should Parents Buy Their Kid a Truck?3:28
How to Use Wax to Break Loose Old Bolts5:06
What We Love About Our F-2506:49
What a Wheeling Expert Takes When Off-Road15:40
Which Parts to Source From an Early-2000s GM Truck13:35
Which Parts of a Square-Body Suburban Are Worth Salvaging?8:45
Dana 44s vs. Chevy 10-Bolt Front Axles: Which Is Better?11:00
Going for a Ride in the Ultimate Summer Camp Jeep8:30
Step-by-Step Instructions for a Rockcrawling Obstacle11:59
Trail Tips: Fixing a Bent Tie Rod8:10
Internal vs. External Selectable Hubs Explained5:06
The Offroad Design Magnum NP205 Transfer Case Explained6:40
Cool Tools, Why We Want a Horizontal Bandsaw4:40
How to Make a Suspension or Steering Link With a Weld Bung or Drilling and Tap...9:14
A 5-minute 4x4 Feature, the Offroad Design Convertible Square Body5:15
How to Build a Suzuki Sidekick4:50
Solid Axle Swap Basics for a GMC 2500HD Truck5:22
What Is Boat-Siding? And Why Would You Add It to Your Truck?6:00
Gambler 500 Outtakes!7:08
Fred’s Favorite Gambler 500 Vehicles3:55
What’s New at the 2017 Off-Road Expo!3:01
Toyota Suspension With Total Chaos! 2017 Off-Road Expo Special!6:14
We Explore Gears, Lockers, and Limited Slips With Motive Gear at the 2017 Off...5:56
The Trail-Tested Wagoneer Is Finished and We Show It to You at the 2017 Off-Ro...4:53
Dynatrac Axels and Knuckles at the 2017 Off-Road Expo!6:54
2017 Off-Road Expo Special: Everyone Loves Daystar Switches!3:07
Truck Mania Special: Mini Monster Trucks!2:58
A Visit With Cummins’ Steve Sanders8:01
Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel Crate Engine Is Here!9:02
Mad Maxxis and its Cummins 5.0 Liter V86:25
Off-Road Fire Safety With Safecraft Desert Racer Jason Scherer6:40
Check Out the Latest Ford Raptor Shocks From Fox3:16
Truck Mania UTV Action!2:20
The Dirt Heads Pick Their Favorite Truck of Truck Mania2:09
Diesel Trucks, Dirt Heads, and Drag Racing at Truck Mania3:01
Carving a Pumpkin Dirt Every Day-Style5:09
Project Truck Update: Alabama/Alaska Army Truck9:51
Mounting an Engine Computer in the Alaska Army Truck8:04
What Are Hydroboost brakes?5:01
On the Trail Radios and Intercoms With Rugged Radios7:29
Viewer Questions: Electric Vehicles?5:55
Viewer Questions: Willys Jeeps, Engine Swaps, and More About Dave Chappelle?4:16
Project Truck Update: Fun Buggy5:27
Viewer Questions: Junkyard YJ and Australia Specials?4:44
Marc Terrien’s Monster Rubicon!6:05
A Custom Diesel Jeep CJ10!6:27
Custom Cummins Land Rover Discovery!10:02
Land Rover Defender 110!7:27
Viewer Questions: In a UTV!5:51
Identifying Jeep Wrangler Body Tubs at the Off-Road Connection3:45
How to Upgrade a Dodge Axle With a Center Axle Disconnect3:38
The Military Jeep M38-A1 and How to Tell It Apart From Other Jeeps6:48
Dissecting a Classic Tellico-Style Jeep Found at the Off-Road Connection3:28
The Jeep Grand Wagoneer and Why It Was the Epitome of Jeep Luxury3:26
Viewer Questions: Swapping a V-8 in a Jeep YJ5:03
Viewer Questions: Rockcrawling a Fullsize 4x45:00
Why Wheeling a Small or Stock 4x4 Is a Great Way to Start!6:11
Interviewing Randall Key, a Pro Rock Bouncer Who Drives Like No One Else5:34
Interviewing Rock Bouncer Matt Schuessler4:23
Florida Squarbody Chevy Rock Crawler4:28
Monster International 4x4 Rollback Truck for Hauling Your Rock Buggy4:52
Bubba Rope Recovery Rope Factory Visit17:35
Wheel Back Spacing Explained4:50
Big Jeep Fender Flares5:13
Badger Stories5:06
Upgrading Landcruiser Seats to a Set of Corbeau’s4:14
Removing the Chrome Cladding from Dodge Steel Wheels11:53
The New Chevy Colorado ZR2 Off Road Truck5:54
Why We Wear Helmets When Rock Crawling5:09
Dana 60 Gear and Locker Install and Pattern Check4:02
Bending Tube with Dirthead Dave5:40
Southern Rock Racing Series Interview5:05
How to Fabricate Fish Plates for Shortening a Frame3:03
10 Differences From Jeep JL Wrangler and the Old Jeep JK Wrangler9:18
Dirt Every Day and Dynatrac's Project Code 1 Jeep JL4:39
Best New Off-Road Attributes of the New Jeep JL4:57
Axle Options for the New Jeep Wrangler JL9:16
Jeep JL Engine Options8:38
Hidden Easter Eggs of the Jeep JL3:19
Viewer Questions: What Do You Want to Know About the Jeep JL?9:12
Five Minute Feature: The 14-Day Flatty8:06
Fox Shox and the New Jeep JL4:41
Five Minute Feature: Jim Mcgean's 2013 Jeep Wrangler6:50
Viewer Questions: Answered8:32
Jeep JL Spotters Guide4:05
King of the Hammers is Coming Soon3:22
Jeep JL Wrangler Headlights2:21
Tony Carvallo and His Jeep Experience1:36
Viewer Questions: Which Engine for My Ranger?5:19
Five-Minute Feature: Ze Dadabhoy’s 2007 Toyota Tacoma4:22
Five-Minute Feature: Wyatt Scott’s Toyota Tacoma6:18
Viewer Questions: Picking Your First Jeep Project4:46
Mudflaps Against the Man3:06
Viewer Questions: How Important Is Four-Link Geometry in a 4x4?4:27
DIY Fuel Pump Access Plate6:29
Monster Truck Axle Swap11:20
Adding Disc Brakes to a Jeep CJ-5 From Drum Brakes7:55
Viewer Questions: What’s Next for My YJ?3:53
Viewer Questions: What Are Good Axle Upgrades for a Jeep YJ Project?4:09
Sway Bars on a 4x4; Yay or Nay?5:27
Viewer Questions: What Size Tires Fit on a Small JK Lift?3:21
How to Install a Bubba Rope Synthetic Winch Rope on a Warn Winch11:02
How to Preload a Winch Rope on a Winch5:35
Viewer Questions: How Much Winch Is Enough Winch?4:12
Rock Bouncer Blooper Reel6:59
Behind the Scenes of Dirt Every Day’s Winnebago Adventure2:03
Broken Bolt Removal7:26
Viewer Questions: Fuel System Requirements When Converting From Gas to Diesel2:29
Oregon Dunes Recreation Area1:45
The ARB Air Compressor in a Suitcase2:57
Viewer Questions: How to Build a Clean Old Truck3:31
Air Down for Sand Traction2:19
Building a Sand Machine3:21
Viewer Questions: What to Build on a Jeep JK Chassis?4:12
Fred’s Favorite Junkyard Truck5:49
Viewer Questions: AMC 20 Rearend3:58
Viewer Questions: Solid Axle Swap a Two-Wheel Drive or Four-Wheel Drive?2:36
Viewer Questions: What Locker Should One Use When Putting Tons Under a YJ?4:44
Viewer Questions: What Is the Perfect Wheelbase for Ultimate Adventure?4:27
1965 Chevy Truck 4x4 Build4:17
Dave’s Junkyard Dream Machine5:14
The Pros and Cons of Rear Receiver Mounted Winches3:29
Off-Road Lights From ARB4:48
Five-Minute Feature Truck: a 2017 Ram 2500 Named Sledge6:16
Five-Minute Feature: Supercool Snow Toy5:47
Viewer Questions: What’s the Best Rear Axle for a Jeep TJ Wrangler on 35s?3:23
Five-Minute Feature: Teeeeee Jaaaaayyyy4:23
Viewer Questions: Will the Dirt Heads Be at Any East Coast Events?3:37
Viewer Questions: Should You Build Up a Dana 30 for a JK Wrangler on 37s?4:50
New Old Jeep Walkaround8:30
Red Willys Wagon To-Do List10:06
Everything I Know About Superchargers5:25
Viewer Questions: What’s the Best Land or Range Rover?8:29
Moab 2018: Tube Sock Prep3:46
Solar Panels for Trailers3:18
Viewer Questions: How Strong Is a Dana/Spicer 18 Transfer Case?4:24
Viewer Questions: Jeep CJ-2A Road Trip Machine5:33
Viewer Questions: How Does Power Steering Work?6:55
Prepping for Moab Adventure 1: Pulling the Suspension Links From Tube Sock3:47
Prepping for Moab Adventure 2: Rebuilding Suspension Joints8:37
Prepping for Moab Adventure 3: Grease fittings and Why We Grease Them2:49
Prepping for Moab Adventure 4: Tighten Your Suspension and Pack Your Tools.5:53
Skyjacker JL4:11
Month of Moab: What’s New From ARB?8:54
Month of Moab: Doug Pettis’ Jeep TJ Unlimited5:46
Month of Moab: What’s New From Warn?5:30
Month of Moab: Code 1 Update4:47
Month of Moab: Verne Simons’ 1949 Wicked Willys5:55
Fred Williams and Charlene Bower Discuss Women in Off-Roading7:50
Month of Moab: 1948 CJ-2A Feature Truck4:49
Month of Moab: Interview With Jessi Combs6:24
West Coast Fred Interviews East Coast Fred8:25
Ned Bacon and His Killer Bee Jeep8:05
Month of Moab: Jeep Wrangler Concept Vehicle Nacho5:03
Chris Piscitelli and the Jeep Four-Speed Concept Wrangler8:38
Month of Moab: The Jeep Renegade Concept Vehicle2:28
Jeep Wagoneer Concept Vehicle Roadtrip and Interview With Mark Allen, Head of ...15:47
Month of Moab: Jeep J-Wagon Concept JL Wrangler3:36
Month of Moab: Mopar Jeepster Concept Vehicle2:45
Jeep Sandstorm Concept Vehicle Racing Jeep2:06
Interview With Del Albright at the BFGoodrich Garage5:21
Month of Moab: Rad Willys Wagon3:17
Checking Out the New 39-Inch BFGoodrich KM3 tires4:21
Don Scott’s Cummins-Powered 1988 Jeep Wagoneer4:50
Christian Hazel’s Diesel-Powered CJ-64:46
Month of Moab: Jeep JK With a Cummins R2.85:36
Interview With Jeff Garland From Bruiser Conversions4:20
Month of Moab: Cane Creek in Cummins-Powered Jeeps2:46
Month of Moab: Cummins-Powered Land Rover Discovery4:24
What’s New From RCV Performance?4:39
Dave and Fred Go Rockcrawling in Moab1:29
Rock Climbing on Cane Creek in Moab2:10
Dave Rockcrawling Cane Creek in a Diesel Jeep JK1:38
Month of Moab: Josh Gordon’s 1946 Plymouth 4x46:10
Month of Moab: What Is Area BFE?6:15
How Lockers Work in Moab3:51
Who Are the Red Rock 4-Wheelers That Put on the Easter Jeep Safari7:15
What’s New from Spidertrax?6:56
Month of Moab: What’s New From Offroad Design?6:37
What Did Artec Bring to Moab?5:06
Take a Welder on the Trail With Premier Power Welder5:24
Aqualu Aluminum Bodies for Your Next 4x4 Project!4:05
Month of Moab: A Well-Worn Flatfender3:52
Month of Moab: Spotting a Diesel Rover Up Kane Creek5:13
John Cappa’s 6-Year Flattie Project3:58
Ian Liljeblad’s Willys Jeep4:45
A Rad Orange and Green CJ-3B4:01
Month of Moab: The End of the Month1:20
Five-Minute Feature: Clifton Slay’s 2005 Jeep LJ Unlimited6:55
Feature Shop: RSG Offroad4:25
How Hydraulic Clutch Pedals Work2:32
Five-Minute Feature: Kent Klein’s 2017 Ram 25004:20
Five-Minute Feature: Canadian Low-Buck Race Jeep3:19
Big Sky 200: Driver Feature2:47
Big Sky 200: Truck Tour!2:51
Big Sky 200: Driver Feature!4:40
Viewer Question Answered!3:55
Viewer Question Posed!4:03
Project Truck Update Week: ’46 Willys CJ-2A2:13
Project Truck Update: Snowflake!6:05
Project Truck Update: The Wagoneer and Snakes?5:59
Project Truck Update: Tube Sock6:48
Project Truck Update: Grampy!4:52
Fred Interviews the Clean Cruiser Project6:34
Viewer Questions: Safe Recovery Points and Towhooks5:11
Viewer Questions: Best Truck for Overlanding4:51
Viewer Questions: Jeep TJ Unlimited Buyer’s Advice5:12
Viewer Questions: How Big a Tire Requires a Regear and Can a Grand Cherokee Ac...4:07
The Argument for Big Tires With Low or No Lift5:43
Cummins-Powered Mexican Ramcharger Built in Montana?!!4:47
American Expedition Vehicles Takes on the Colorado ZR26:11
Wrangler JK-Based Motorhome by AEV10:22
The Brute Double Cab5:52
Viewer Questions: Atlas or Rubicrawler?4:36
Viewer Questions: TTB or Solid Axle?3:16
Viewer Questions: High-Speed Questions and Answers?4:55
Viewer Questions: LS Swaps and Subarus4:49
Viewer Questions: Dirt Head Tire Advice.4:24
What Is the Mahindra Roxor?4:23
Ultimate Adventure 2018: Meet Reader Johnny Wood3:25
Ultimate Adventure 2018: Meet Reader Rick Prater and His Willys Wagon3:38
Ultimate Adventure 2018: Meet Reader Adams Clark and His Jeep Scrambler4:18
Ultimate Adventure 2018: Meet Reader Chris Paul and Codriver Kyle Cunliffe4:59
The Ultimate Adventure Derange Rover5:10
A Clean Bronco We Found at the Off-Road Connection4:22
Why CUCV Axles Are Rad4:25
Road Trippin’ Woodchuck the Wood Truck5:57
Even More Woodchuck Because it’s a Rad Wood Truck7:02
Making Your Own Suspension Links5:41
Link Suspension Builder Parts3:14
Five-Minute Feature: Ben McKee’s 1981 Jeep Scrambler3:39
Lug Nuts Explained5:29
Garden Jeep Update7:30
Transmission Tech: T-90 and Spicer 18 From the Garden Jeep7:55
Old Jeep Spring Shackles4:06
The Wacky Dana 41 and Other Offset Rear Axles4:28
Toolbox Tech4:57
Old Jeep Front Axles and Steering Joints6:59
Viewer Questions: Will the Dirt Heads Ever Be on Roadkill?3:41
Viewer Questions: How Many Project Trucks Are Too Many Project Trucks?4:52
Viewer Questions: Power Wagons, Vans, Lemon Pie, and Questions From Mom3:21
Viewer Questions: Solid Axle Swaps, V-8 Jeeps, and Avocados!6:29
Viewer Questions: Even More Questions About DED Stuff!5:15
Viewer Questions: Spools vs. Lockers, CJ-7s vs. CJ-5s, and Other Cool Stuff3:01
Race Prep! Getting Ready for Y.O.R.R.4:49
Outtakes! More From Y.O.R.R.3:19
Jeep Spotting and How to Score Big With SgtJeep!5:20
More Than Just Wranglers! Back in the Yard at SgtJeep!4:50
Digging Into a ’75 Wagoneer and Identifying the Engine!3:00
What to Expect When You’re Looking Into Buying an LJ!6:36
Will a Fire Scorch Your Jeepin’ Fun?8:01
Fix ’Er Up or Pass ’Er By? SgtJeep Helps You Decide!5:17
A Junkyard Jeep Ready for the Trail at SgtJeep!7:18
Scopin’ Out a Sweet Jeepster Commando!6:21
CJ Clip on a YJ Body Conversion Tips!7:04
Small in Size, Big in Character! The SgtJeep CJ-5!9:01
Period-Specific CJ-5, Just Like Fred Remembers!7:08
Nothing but a Frame CJ-7!8:10
Jeep Bodies and Frames With SgtJeep7:03
Jeep Hardtops Explained7:27
From the Farm! Fred’s Dad’s GMC Farm Truck4:39
From the Farm! Junk From Behind the Barn3:01
From the Farm! How to Paint Wheels6:07
Trading Up the RAD4 to a Land Cruiser!6:34
Yellowstone Off-Road 4Runner Update!6:49
Dirt Head Dave’s ’05 Dodge Ram 25007:49
Q&A with Fred Williams: 70 Series Land Cruisers and Off-Roading Beginners on a...5:06
Dirt Head Fred Drag Races in World’s Greatest Drag Race 8!3:56
Viewer Questions: Automatic or Manual and Why?6:11
Viewer Questions: Jeep CJ-5 Questions?8:24
What the Crew Rides3:20
When a Toyota Guy Drives a Jeep, Part 17:43
When a Toyota Guy Drives a Jeep, Part 24:41
Viewer Questions: Family 4x4?3:38
Shop Tools: Parts Cleaner3:46
Project Vehicle Update: Lemon Pie the CJ-55:39
Project Vehicle Update: 2010 White Ram 35005:47
Project Vehicle Update: 1946 Willys “Garden Jeep”4:19
Viewer Questions: We Talk Shades, Knives, and Pocket Dumps5:28
Viewer Questions: Swapping 1-Ton Axles Under a Jeep5:46
Viewer Questions: West vs. East Four-Wheeling5:45
Battery Tech3:37
Rock Viper: Behind the Magic6:19
Project Truck Update: Garden Jeep/Ford 2.04:16
Project Truck Update: The Chevy Square Body That Ran the Rubicon7:12
Project Truck Update: The Off-Roader Home Is FOR SALE!4:32
Unfinished Projects and Stuff Fred Needs to Finish6:56
The Big Corporate 14-Bolt Axle4:47
Jeep Wagoneer Headlight Upgrades, Part 14:23