ShowsEpisode 10100:41:34Born to Rod

About Vegas Rat Rods

Steve Darnell and his team of pickers at Welder Up outside of Las Vegas build new cars entirely out of junk. They'll strip and re-build eccentric vehicles for demanding clients, creating works of auto art in less than five days.

Salt Flat Rod42:35
Electro Rod42:35
Mack Rod42:35
Ranch Rod42:39
Tuxedo Rod42:34
Fruit Rod42:35
Pickup Rod42:34
Bitchin' Rod42:35
To Hell You Ride42:35
Wagon Rod42:34
Stampede Rod42:35
Ditch Digger42:35
Franken Rod42:35
Battle Of The Model B42:35
Viva Las Vegas42:35
Chevy Blaster42:35
Desert Rat42:35
D-Rod Destroyer42:35
Model A Mayhem41:34
Timber Busting Diamond T41:34
Rock 'n Rollin' Pickup41:35
Power Packing F100 Pickup41:34
Son of A...41:35
Water Rat41:35
Freakshow on Wheels41:35
Vintage Speed Racer41:34
Fuel to the Fire41:34
Steel to Heal41:35
American Muscle41:35
Shredding Metal41:34
Stevel Darneval41:35
Race and Reveal41:35
Heroes and Villains41:35
Joker's Wild41:34
Gassed Up Bootleggers41:35
One Big Gas Car41:34
Tricks No Treats41:35
Curse of the Haunted Rod41:34
Iron Man and the Mullet41:35
The Real Iron Man Revealed41:34
Big Bad Bus41:34
Bussin' Out41:35
Born to Rod41:34