ShowsEpisode 500:43:43Nova Overload Part 2

About Iron Resurrection

From motorcycles and cars to boats, Biker Build-Off Winner Joe Martin brings new life to old iron at his shop Joe Martin Customs.

Texas Two Step43:36
Lone Star Lincoln43:35
Shaggin' Wagon43:36
Barbecued Bird43:36
Hardcore Softail43:36
Triple Black Cadillac43:36
Grim Reaper43:37
Suicide '3543:36
Super Low Metro43:36
62 Corvette Fuelie43:36
Silver Stallion43:36
Good to Go GTO43:37
Smoking Hot Ghia43:36
Power-Infused Impala43:36
Champagne Super Nova43:35
Cat-Eye Cruiser43:35
Thundering C1043:50
El Chili43:42
Mint Condition43:42
Fins of Glory43:41
Flaming ’5643:42
Chop Top – Part 143:36
Chop Top – Part 243:42
Ramble On43:26
Brother’s Nova – Part 143:47
Brother’s Nova – Part 243:37
Truck Yeah!43:35
C10 Again43:36
Tricked Out Trike43:36
Nova Overload43:39
Nova Overload Part 243:43