New Daily Roadkill Show!1:43
All About the Roadkill Garage Jeep Panel Delivery5:51
Freiburger Gives Carburetor Basics10:18
Meet Steve Dulcich9:30
Freiburger & Finnegan Friday Q&A8:21
Secrets of the Orange Duster6:31
Behind the Scenes of Roadkill Episode 55!2:34
Dulcich’s Dodge Truck Fetish9:08
Freiburger & Finnegan Friday Q&A15:13
Cylinder Head Porting Tips10:35
Junkyard Walk With Freiburger8:44
Meet Hot Rod Garage Cohost Lucky Costa6:12
Stories of Dulcich’s 1971 Dodge Charger R/T4:19
Freiburger & Finnegan Friday Q&A11:21
Freiburger Junkyard Pick: 1967 Chevy Biscayne5:33
How to Score a 1971 ’Cuda for Cheap!3:07
Inside Lucky’s 1966 Chevy Chevelle2:47
Meet Big Joe the Shop Dog2:42
Freiburger & Finnegan Friday Q&A8:18
Freiburger’s Junkyard Pick: 1973 Chevy Blazer3:07
Mopar Big-Block Spotter’s Guide3:49
Meet Editor Elana Scherr10:34
David Freiburger Explains Ignition Timing6:29
Friday Q&A With Freiburger and Dulcich12:16
Inside David Freiburger’s Jeep TJ9:43
Visit the TEN Shop and Photo Studio11:25
David Freiburger Explains Rear Axle Ratios5:01
David Freiburger and Elana Scherr Talk Daily Drivers9:36
Friday Q&A With Freiburger & Dulcich17:25
A Deeper Look at Roadkill’s Dirt-Track Challenger5:49
Hanging with Tony Angelo From Hot Rod Garage10:38
The Latest on the Crusher Camaro7:03
David Freiburger Explains Tunnel Ram Intakes4:12
Friday Q&A With Freiburger and Dulcich21:03
Freiburger Explains Hot Rod Drag Week5:52
“Don’t Hit the Dart”3:44
The Roadkill Monza Is Back!10:02
“Because Roadkill” at Drag Week2:16
Friday Q&A With Freiburger and Dulcich10:12
Freiburger Explains Alignment Basics3:19
Sweden’s Baddest Street Racer is Roadkill!1:53
Historic Photos in the Roadkill Shop15:48
Freiburger Explains How a Carburetor Works16:22
Friday Q&A With Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa12:22
Roadkill-Style Oil-Pan Repair at Drag Week2:30
The Proper Treatment of Rental Cars2:22
Blow Your Top Off!1:26
How Did Freiburger Get This Crazy Job?2:37
Bonneville Salt Flats Basics9:33
Roadkill’s Blown-Up Bonneville Engine3:07
Roadkill-Proofing Your Trip With a Custom Trailer5:51
Freiburger’s Favorite Roadkill-Style Car of Drag Week 20161:57
Freiburger and Dulcich Street Racing Stories13:00
How To: Your First Drag Race8:43
Elana Explains Drag Racing Competition Licenses4:31
Inside a Freiburger and Lohnes Road Trip4:42
More Roadkill-Style Hack Repair Jobs!2:38
The Roadkill Leftovers Pile13:22
Q&A About Roadkill’s Boost Caboose11:10
Turbo LS-Powered Datsun 240Z4:57
Why Does Dulcich Have a Triumph TR7?4:13
Crazy Engine Swaps at Drag Week 20161:40
The Roadkill Car That Never Was2:47
Q&A With Freiburger and Dulcich17:34
Roadkill Garage Goes Coconuts6:50
How to Get Home from Drag Week to Australia1:43
Celebs that Freiburger has Met11:09
More on the Roadkill Garage Pontiac Bonneville8:30
Q&A With Freiburger and Finnegan15:52
Shooting a Cover for Roadkill Magazine2:29
Freiburger Gives You Mopar Axle Tips3:25
Project-Car Update With Elana5:15
Freiburger Washes His Hands1:31
Q&A With Freiburger and Finnegan16:29
Come Hang With Roadkill, Jan. 14, 2017!2:16
How to Modify Your Oil Pan At Home4:39
Freiburger’s Camera Gear3:53
Behind the Scenes at Engine Masters11:06
Q&A: Freiburger Grills Dulcich13:17
Deep Inside Roadkill's Datsun Mini Truck8:04
Dulcich Finds a 1967 Gem5:52
Tech Tip: Measuring Piston Deck Height5:37
Dulcich's Rare Inline-six Engine4:15
Freiburger Tours Dulcich’s Junkyard16:28
Are Old Cars Better than New Cars?3:07
Update: The Roadkill Garage Mopar 360 Debacle4:53
Elana Hits the Pits at Drag Week 20167:01
Tech Tip: Measuring an Engine’s Rotating Torque5:40
That Worthless 1970 Dodge Challenger2:42
Update on Lucky's Chevelle9:11
Roadkill R/C Cars5:53
Meet MiniBike Joe16:20
Freiburger's Dodge V10 4x46:26
Q&A with Freiburger and the New Dog13:10
See Inside Lucky’s Personal Shop4:29
Get Deeper Inside Freiburger’s 1971 Road Runner11:07
General Mayhem Was Born Here11:33
Lucky’s 1964 Chevy Shop Truck8:14
Q&A With Freiburger11:26
Special Q&A With the Mighty Car Mods Guys!15:49
The Crusher Camaro Engine and an Old Friend!3:28
The Mighty Car Mods Guys Talk “Subarute”9:57
More About the Roadkill 1969 Impala9:05
Q&A With Marty from Mighty Car Mods!10:18
Electrical Tech Tips With Lucky4:17
Inside a Freiburger/Péwé Dirt Every Day!3:00
What Lucky Is Working On Today?4:14
Freiburger’s Backyard Jeep Engine4:12
Q&A With Lucky Costa8:48
Genius Tech Tip: Steering Wheel Saver3:56
Elana’s 1965 Ford F350 Wrecker4:47
Starting 1968 Dodge D800 Dump Truck5:20
This Road Runner Got Roadkilled Bad!3:46
Friday Q&A With Freiburger11:04
Elana’s 1969 Dodge Polara2:42
Update on the Barn-Find Buick8:48
Lunch Break With Brandan from Hot Rod Magazine6:31
Freiburger’s Cool Old Tools5:41
Q&A With Lucky Costa16:49
Why You Want a 1971 Opel GT4:50
Freiburger’s 215-MPH Spinout4:27
Inside Rick Péwé’s Tiki Jeep7:00
Elana’s 1969 Plymouth Satellite Wagon4:06
Q&A With Freiburger13:17
Elana at the Zip-Tie Drags Road Trip2:38
Roadkill’s Zip-Tie Car Show3:02
Fans Race Against Roadkill!2:42
Fire-Shooting Custom Wheelchairs!7:42
Make a Wish at the Zip-Tie Drags2:18
Make a Trophy out of Zip Ties!2:16
Inherited 1971 Plymouth ’Cuda3:34
Roadkill Model Car Builds!2:42
Flathead: What is a Flathead Engine?5:27
Why We Like Trucks: Why Trucks are Great Hot Rods6:58
Elana barnfind Dodge Challenger3:27
What is a Hemi?4:53
Elana’s 1978 Dodge D300 Adventurer3:40
Dulcich’s Nastruck Find6:15
Freiburger’s Newest Toy: The Jeepster5:11
Is RK Coming to Your Town?12:52
The Car Freiburger Hates the Most15:33
Automatic vs Manual Transmissions?15:48
Where is the F-Bomb Camaro?14:47
The Car Mod Freiburger Regretted the Most13:53
Sneak Peek at an Upcoming Roadkill Car!4:20
Magazine Stroker Engine Build Update6:02
F-Bomb Camaro Update!9:33
Remember the Car Craft Magazine “Sticker Car”?3:11
Q&A With Mike Finnegan7:52
Ford Windsor Small-Block Basics4:00
MSD Distributor Tips7:54
Freiburger’s Own Autograph Book5:31
Engine-Swap Tips with Frei and Fin2:50
Why Are Jeeps Called Jeeps?3:25
Chrysler Made Boats!8:36
Outtake from the Roadkill Jeep Episode2:11
Cast Iron Welding with Dulcich8:11
Fiberglassing with Dulcich4:06
Learn More About the Roadkill Muscle Truck12:10
Intake Manifold Installation Tips5:31
Chassis Dyno Basics With Mike Finnegan3:06
The Scariest and Most Disgusting Roadkill Cars?3:10
Extended Look: Willys Flatfender Jeep Engine Repair11:31
Tech Tip: Polishing Valve Seats4:09
Extended Cut: Thrashing in the Dirt with the Missing Linc11:32
Resurfacing a Flywheel with Rick Péwé3:30
Friday Q & A with Finnegan4:40
Inspiration for the Mopar Muscle Truck6:30
Preview of Roadkill Garage Project Cars13:10
Traction for the Dulcich D1003:15
Q&A With Mike Finnegan3:50
Checking Cam Timing With Dulcich5:20
Bench Setting a Carburetor With Dulcich6:58
Freiburger's Jeep TJ Upgrades7:06
Q&A With Steve Dulcich11:02
Tech Tip: Finding Top Dead Center4:10
Freiburger Junkyard Walk15:07
Wheel-Bearing Packing Tips with Dulcich4:05
Single-Plane Versus Dual-Plane Intake Manifolds5:21
Freiburger Answers Fans’ Questions12:29
Special Monday Q&A with Freiburger11:55
Proper Installation of a Piston and Rod Assembly18:33
Outtakes: The Rotsun’s Wastegate Installation2:26
Bloopers and Outtakes from the Missing Linc Episode5:12
Friday Freiburger Q&A14:13
Rotsun Bloopers and Outtakes!12:55
Freiburger Junkyard Pick: 6.5L Cougar!4:22
Peanut Butter and Pickles4:14
Differential Basics with Freiburger6:49
Q&A With Finnegan8:57
Update on the Don’t Hit the Dart5:00
Flatfender Jeep Spotter’s Guide7:27
Dulcich’s Death Row of Cars6:59
Tech Advice: Electric vs Mechanical Gauges6:52
Q&A With Freiburger and Dulcich17:55
The 200th Episode of Roadkill Extra!3:34
Dulcich Claims This is Better Than the Ramp Truck4:25
The Off-Road Challenger is Not Ruined!7:15
Block Sanding Tips with Steve Dulcich6:54
Roadkill Garage Bloopers and Outtakes3:18
Sandstorm Torture! The Extended Cut12:39
Sneak Peek into an Upcoming Roadkill Episode2:37
Roadkill Impala vs Rotsun Bloopers and Outtakes6:07
Roadkill Garage Off-Road Challenger Bloopers and Outtakes2:55
Q&A With Freiburger and Elana16:23
Roadkill Jeep Episode Bloopers and Outtakes3:37
Car-Hauler Trailer Repair with Steve Dulcich3:25
Meet Former Car Craft Editor Matt King7:02
Freiburger and Elana Talk and Wrench10:57
Valve-Lapping How-To with Freiburger9:23
How To Apply Body Filler4:16
Tire Rack One Lap Update with Freiburger3:37
Inside Steve Dulcich’s Engine Dyno3:10
Small-Block Mopar History and Tips8:19
Fun Facts and Tips About Chevy Dump Trucks5:31
Meet Rick Péwé of JP Magazine8:26
Holley Two-Barrel Carburetor Basics4:56
Accusumps Save Engines, Here’s How3:09
Q&A With Freiburger and Péwé16:47
How to Drive the Crusher Camaro9:30
The Revolutionary Jeep Wagoneer!5:17
How to Spot a Forged Crankshaft5:11
Plymouth Duster vs Ford Mustang Mach 16:38
Q&A With Freiburger and Péwé17:08
Project-Car Update: The Off-Road Challenger Engine7:03
Exclusive Junkyard Tour: Colorado Auto & Parts7:09
Low-Buck Valve Modification5:23
Disgustang Poop Excavation: Extended Cut7:07
Car Philosophy With Dulcich and Freiburger8:33
Roadkill Disgustang Bloopers and Outtakes14:20
See More About the Roadkill Garage Jeep Wagoneer9:55
Camshaft Basics With Steve Dulcich10:25
1964-1972 GM A-Body Basics6:13
Vic Edelbrock Tribute20:08
The Mopar Muscle Truck Blew Up5:09
More Gems From Colorado Auto & Parts10:39
Engine-Block Machining Basics11:07
What Cars Does Freiburger Own?3:56
Q&A With Dulcich and Freiburger15:40
Freiburger Talks Different Car Body Styles10:43
Engine Cooling with Dulcich4:07
Wiring Tips with Freiburger4:59
Freiburger Has Some Cool New Stuff4:51
Extended Look: Towing the Disgustang6:47
A Tribute to Big Joe the Shop Dog4:44
Discovering the Roadkill Garage Wagoneer7:50
The Last Disgustang Outtake3:38
How to Control Carb Heat5:07
Bloopers With the RKG Wagoneer13:59
RKG Wagoneer First Drive5:24
One Lap of America: That’s a Wrap!7:40
The Lost Zip-Tie Moment!2:14
The Roadkill Family Tree10:03
The Final Wagoneer Outtake6:02
Car Movies You Must See!8:15
How to Calculate Engine Displacement3:32
Dulcich’s 340 Dart!3:55
How to Find Piston Compression Height5:20
Any Regrets From Editing Car Mags?16:54
Outtakes From One Lap of America13:26
How to Calculate Engine RPM vs. Gear Ratio5:27
Firebird Buildup Outtakes2:28
Ride Along With Fin and Tony on One Lap8:06
Q&A With Steve Dulcich14:02
Roadkill State of the Union11:27
How to Get a Job in Photojournalism5:54
The Freiburger Library12:35
Cool Tools7:04
Q&A With Freiburger12:03
Freiburger Explains $3,000 Hooptie Challenge5:23
How Bad Was Finnegan’s Firebird?2:57
Outtakes: Finnegan’s Firebird Buildup4:55
Fragging Fin’s Engine, Extended Cut5:32
Elana Goes Bracket Racing!6:10
Q&A With Angelo and Finnegan10:30
Freiburger Explains the Zip-Tie Drags5:08
Update on the Blasphemi ’55 Chevy3:03
Zip-Tie Tech Tip1:23
Update on Freiburger’s Road Runner4:36
It’s Drag Week Time!3:28
Fabbing a Crossmember for the Crusher Camaro8:10
Dodge Caravan: Roadkill Thrash-Tested5:23
Welding Tips With Finnegan4:13
Q&A: Drag Tires on the Street?14:51
Update on the Crop Duster7:13
What Happened to the Crew Cab Chevelle?3:13
Update on Finnegan’s Cars6:05
Dulcich Got a Sunbeam!6:36
Finnegan Returns to the Q&A!14:16
Auto Air Conditioning Explained6:59
Roadkill State of the Union8:14
How to Install a Fiberglass Hoodscoop11:08
“Earle Camino” Outtakes16:42
Future Muscle Truck Builds?15:40
The 300th Roadkill Extra!5:24
Our Neglected 1972 Dodge Charger6:34
HOW TO #1: New Roadkill Tech Series! “How to Build Your First Engine”3:56
Meet Tex Earle of Earle Camino Fame3:14
HOW TO #2: Clean an Engine Block5:50
HOW TO #3: Install a Piston on a Rod11:04
What Makes the Ultimate Burnout?18:00
HOW TO #4: Gap and Install Piston Rings8:52
Dulcich Bloopers and Outtakes6:20
HOW TO #5: Measure Engine Bearing Clearance15:17
HOW TO #6: Install a Crankshaft24:11
See More of the Roadkill Crusher Impala6:11
HOW TO #7: Install a Piston and Rod9:35
The Dulcich Hood Pile7:18
HOW TO #8: How to Measure Piston Deck Height4:58
HOW TO #9: How to Degree a Camshaft14:54
Update on the Vanishing Paint 1970 Challenger5:57
HOW TO #10: Compression Ratio Explained13:27
Earle Camino Fail: The Extended Cut4:26
HOW TO #11: How to Install a Harmonic Balancer7:45
HOW TO #12: How to CC a Cylinder Head Chamber6:26
Q&A With Finnegan and Freiburger17:18
HOW TO #13: All About Valvesprings18:48
Drum vs. Disc Brakes: The Basics10:57
HOW TO #14: How to Install a Cylinder Head18:55
HOW TO #15: How to Install a Valvetrain14:29
Q&A With Freiburger and Finnegan17:30
HOW TO #16: How to Install an Intake Manifold17:57
Off Road Hornet Deep Dive10:29
Basic Carburetor Settings10:04
Fin and Tony: Rock, Paper, Claw?6:38
Alternator Painting Tip With Dulcich3:34
Bonus Zip-Tie Moment with Freiburger!6:41
Dulcich’s 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T Project3:42
Freiburger Explains Supercharger Basics7:07
Intro to a Week of 200 MPH Aussie Extras!4:22
How Does Land Speed Racing Work?4:48
That Freaky Push Truck4:16
Freiburger and Turk Talk Land Speed Racing12:56
Inside the 249-MPH ’68 Camaro9:43
Crusher Impala vs. Maybach: Discuss!2:44
Finnegan and Freiburger Talk Six Seasons of Roadkill!16:12
Ford Muscle Truck Bloopers and Outtakes3:54
Inside the Dulcich Engine Room7:57
Finnegan Makes an In-Car Swamp Cooler4:29
Bonus Zip-Tie Moment2:09
Elana Has a Rad ’80-Style Dually!6:39
Stubby Bob Outtakes4:44
How an Air/Fuel Ratio Meter Works2:25
Finnegan Updates You on the Vette Kart2:17
More Cougar Violence and Dulich Bangshifting!10:14
“Fordburger” Talks Fords and FE Engines5:04
How Roadkill Records In-Car Scenes4:14
How to Buy Disc Brakes2:38
Tuscon Zip-Tie Drags is Back!5:44
Mopar Muscle Truck Revisited!9:26
Spoiler Alert! Upcoming RKG Projects9:09
Dulcich Got a Motorcycle!4:49
Happy Christmas from Freiburger and Dulcich!3:13
New Thing: The Dulcich Joyride!10:55
Blasphemi Hemi Build Outtakes12:48
The Legendary Dulcich Engine Hoist3:46
Freiburger Talks Inline Six Engines5:02
The First Roadkill Extra of 2018!2:06
Tony Pushes Stubby Bob6:17
The Clevo Commando Plan Revealed!5:13
Dulcich Joyride: Breaking the Ford Muscle Truck2:54
Dulcich Explains Ignition Timing9:52
Dulcich Joyride: The Giant D3009:44
Outtakes From the Woodward Ave. Street Race5:14
Tips: Home Porting an Intake Manifold10:07
Meet Skinny Dave9:30
Crusher Impala Outtakes8:52
Dulcich Joyride: His Triumph TR713:20
Stubby Bob Wheelie Truck Outtakes11:26
Crew Cab Chevelle Outtakes16:29
Inside Dulcich’s Toolbox7:29
Q&A With Freiburger and Dulcich14:50
Dulcich Joyride: Hot Rod Garage’s C107:44
Minivan Racing: Roadkill Extended Scenes13:48
How to Build a Pushrod V-8 for High RPM14:30
Crew Cab Chevelle Junk11:33
Dulcich’s Air Tools Collection!3:23
More Stubby Bob Hilarity10:50
How to Build a Cheap Engine4:58
Brake-Caliper Tech Tips5:45
Never Trust a GoPro on a Hose3:55
Q&A With Steve Dulcich20:09
It’s a Week of Disgustang Extras!8:44
The Disgustang Seizes!9:04
Junkyard Crawl During the Disgustang Road Trip9:36
Disgustang Bloopers and Outtakes Part 112:31
Disgustang Bloopers and Outtakes Part 29:26
Freiburger Reveals the BBQuda!7:25
Inside Dulcich’s Latest Jeep4:51
Roadkill Air Conditioning4:33
Dulcich’s Homemade Air Compressor4:53
Ghost Town Exploring with Freiburger5:45
How to Build the Right Engine for Your Application5:54
Installing the Hemi in Blasphemi11:14
An Abandoned Desert Junkyard!9:16
The 1965 Ford 4x4 Wrongbed4:52
Dulcich’s New Building4:20
Be a Part of an All-New Show: $3K Hooptie Challenge!3:29
Dulcich’s Baker Forklift6:23
Spoiler Alert: Upcoming Roadkill Garage Car!5:48
Off-road Hornet Blooper and Outtakes13:09
Q&A With David Freiburger and Lucky Costa12:23
Harry Tow Is Still Here!4:51
Vette Kart Outtakes17:16
Update on the Draguar3:38
Loco Weed!5:40
Q&A With Freiburger and Lucky9:21
Project Car Update: The Rotsun3:17
Dulcich Junkyard Find: 1965 Plymouth Barracuda4:16
Project Car Update: The Hemi Gremi4:06
Dulcich on Junkyard Shelf Life3:56
Extended Scene: Finnegan Takes the Vette Kart to Glamis!12:37
Dulcich Junkyard Find: 1962 Oldsmobile5:03
Disgustang Engine Update With Freiburger3:43
Junkyard Grille Breakdown with Dulcich!5:04
Dulcich Tech Tip1:34
Extended Scene: Freiburger Takes the Vette Kart to Glamis!9:45
Dulcich and the Carburetor Pile5:27
Dulcich Junkyard Find: 1973 Triumph TR64:25
Outtakes and Bloopers: The Gargantuwagon Is Born14:53
Dulcich Junkyard Find: 1970 Pontiac Bonneville 4554:01
Freiburger’s Terrible Wagon Experience!5:46
Extended Build: The Gargantuan Wagon13:44
Lucky’s “What the Heck” Moments2:31
Freiburger Brainstorms the Ugly Trucking12:47
Backyard Cooling System Flushing8:09
“Street Racing” With Freiburger and Dulcich!3:29
Bloopers and Outtakes: Ugly Truckling, Pt. 115:10
Lucky Crashes the Party4:02
Ugly Truckling Gets Its Engine7:00
Getting the Gargantuwagon Up to Snuff!12:14
Spark Plug Tech Tip5:45
Dulcich and the Dog Skull!6:40
Buick, Olds, and Pontiac 455s8:14
The Hood Pile, Round Three!7:20
The Last Truckling Outtakes15:30
Gearhead Toy Collection13:13
Outtakes and Bloopers: Ford F-2508:43
Freiburger’s Blown LS3 Engine3:29
Dulcich’s Trailer of Doom9:17
Dulcich’s 1976 Chevy Corvette7:42
Ghost Town Pit Stop5:23
1967 Chevy 350 Cutaway4:23
Finnegan Explains Bracket Racing2:51
Carburetor-Tuning Basics with Freiburger and Dulcich4:06
Freiburger Trailer Hitch Failure3:38
The Munster Coach and More!5:40
Finnegan Visits Volo Auto Museum1:55
1965 Ford F-250: Master Cylinder Installation7:02
Freiburger’s History with Buick Riviera5:16
Wrapping up the Carburetor Shebang3:11
Spoiler Alert! Muscle Truck Shootout4:01
Snowmobiles at the Volo Museum3:06
Outtakes and Bloopers: El Camino Ice Drags8:34
Bleeding the Brakes: Ford F-2506:42
Cold Open Difficulty with Finnegan and Tony Angelo6:54
The Red Baron!5:48
When a Friend Mooches Storage4:36
Tony’s Zip-Tie Fashion Tip1:24
Q&A With Freiburger and Dulcich13:29
Final Thoughts on the Ice Drags Episode2:08
Dulcich’s New Jeepster!5:03
Eight Sensors, Two Headers3:36
Get More BBQuda Here!4:27
Goat-Skull Zip-Tie Moment3:04
Q&A With Freiburger and Dulcich18:58
One Beer Left!2:24
First Look: The BBQuda6:34
Tuning MSD Distributors With Freiburger6:00
Extended Look: Getting the Super Samurai to Start7:01
Tech Tips From Freiburger and Dulcich!2:36
Bloopers and Outtakes: The BBQuda8:06
Motor Trend Blackouts Explained4:07
How Many Takes Does It Take?3:30
Update on the Crop Duster Paintjob3:46
Tony and Fin Snow Fight9:44
Q&A With Freiburger and Dulcich15:00
Roadkill Nights Is Back!2:09
TorqueFlite Shopping in the Backyard4:20
Freiburger Rant on the Price of Project Cars4:58
The Human Floor Jack2:21
Freiburger and Dulcich Answer Your Questions!13:22
Update on the Broughammer!2:43
Outtakes and Bloopers: Super Samurai7:44
Freiburger Discusses Jeep Cherokees4:15
Tech Tips: Super Samurai6:15
Freiburger and Dulcich Answer Your Questions, Part 3!7:00
Freiburger Reveals a New Project Car!4:09
Bloopers and Outtakes: Big-Block Engine Swap!6:20
Extended Look: Roadkill Goes to the Volo Museum8:26
Tech Tips: Big-Block Engine Swap!6:32
How to Assemble Pivot Shafts5:12
Meet the Newest Roadkill Garage Puppies!4:19
Story Time With Freiburger and Dulcich5:10
Outtakes and Bloopers: Dulcich in a Junkyard3:39
Dulcich’s Boat Dreams!3:38
Cut for Time: Ford Econoline8:07
Outtakes and Bloopers: Ford Econoline9:19
Freiburger Has Too Much Stuff!3:23
How Much Does It Cost for a Big-Block Engine Swap?5:52
Cleaning the Clevo Commando!3:03
Dulcich Junkyard Hunt: Intake Manifold5:35
How the Clevo Commando Project Escalated7:21
Freiburger Talks Mopar F8 Green4:58
Cleveland Engine-Building Outtakes8:30
The Vanishing Orb2:45
How to Adjust Hydraulic-Lifter Rocker Arms7:18
Clevo Commando Zip Tie Moment1:50
Will It Do a Burnout?4:44
Buick First Drive Extended Moments9:06
Dulcich Makes a TDC Pointer4:11
How to Start a Lemon6:19
Roadkill Nights Is Coming!2:33
A Lost Zip-Tie Moment1:51
Disgustang Update3:18
Truck Showdown Intro Outtakes2:50
Fresh Q&A Right Here!11:12
Inside the Pro Street Mustang6:55
Muscle Truck Action in Real Time!17:55
How to Polish Metal at Home6:24
The Dulcich Alter Ego2:37
Q&A: Worst Car Purchase Ever?13:02
What’s Going on With the Roadkill Hosts!?3:14
Bloopers and Outtakes: The Ford Muscle Truck4:15
How Finnegan Got the NASCAR Charger2:09
Extended Look: Disgustang at Hot Rod Ranch6:15
Brand-New Q&A!14:34
Trailer Hitch Taillight Trouble!5:46
Bloopers and Outtakes: Muscle Truck Showdown5:48
How to Build Your Own Radiator Hose3:08
Deleted Scene: Freiburger and Dulcich Discuss New Project Car6:21
Bloopers and Outtakes: The1968 Dodge Charger9:10
Conversations in the Cab: Unstoppable TruTrack!2:11
Muscle Truck Showdown: Draw Straws for First2:29
Can’t Avoid Bumps in the Road4:34
How to Paint an Engine Bay7:51